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Acrisure offers agencies two critical things: autonomy to continue running their businesses, and equity in the larger firm. Our Agency Partners are partners in both name and practice. This alignment of interests means all parties are working toward the same goal: limitless growth. We provide our Agency Partners with national resources, enhanced contracts, and a culture focused on cross-selling and collaboration – all while minimizing disruption and embracing their local brand and reputation.

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Our producers tell me time and time again how excited they are to be part of Acrisure and to be able to collaborate with producers that have access to clients or prospects that they've been trying to write for years. In our region, it's tough, but we have opportunity to really leverage the relationships of other Acrisure partners and generate a significant amount of revenue.

Lori Green, IBTX


Acrisure Agencies

We have rewritten the rules of growth in the insurance broker industry. We partner with growing businesses with great leaders to help us create significant value for our shareholders by promoting autonomy and keeping the cultures intact locally. Our standards are high, and our unyielding pursuit of excellence yields industry-leading results.

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Reasons to partner with Acrisure: Deeply Entrepreneurial, Growth-Oriented and Collaborative

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Innovative products. Local presence. Global impact. Acrisure’s unique model enables us to unlock possibilities for our clients, agencies and carriers. Learn what it means to be limitless.

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