Partnership Advantages

Empowerment through Engagement

As a top 10 global insurance broker, we are driven by the pursuit of limitless growth through exceptional partnerships. To help realize that growth, our Agency Partners maintain operational leadership and local autonomy, and keep decisions at the customer level. Our Home Office supports and encourages them to propel the business forward. Our size allows us to provide Agency Partners with operational support, economies of scale, consulting and insights, and numerous other functional support and resources to accelerate growth. Acrisure’s unique model means Agency Partner and Home Office interests are aligned. It serves us to serve you.


The success of Acrisure’s model is grounded in trust. Our Agency Partners own our firm, so our Home Office works for our partners, not the other way around.

We provide a suite of offerings: accounting, human resources, payroll, employee benefits and retirement plans, technology, legal and regulatory counseling, marketing support and more. As a result, new partners average almost 2% margin expansion after joining Acrisure.

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We develop products, tools and other solutions to help our Agency Partners provide greater offerings and service to clients, enabling us to create shareholder value, be a great partner and increase organic growth.

  • Acrisure Circle of Excellence (ACE): Acrisure’s strategic carriers and wholesale brokers provide Agency Partners and their clients with access to better terms and coverages, pricing and services.
  • Acrisure Partner Solutions: Proprietary or unique product offerings that deliver best-in-class coverage solutions to Agency Partners and their clients.
  • AcriVision: A proprietary business intelligence tool designed to leverage the strengths of Acrisure’s network of Agency Partners.
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Despite Acrisure’s record-setting growth, we recognize the value of a boutique broker model. We preserve agency autonomy, celebrate local client and community relationships and promote execution. Our Agency Partners operate locally, but also connect with one another to meet and be inspired by like-minded peers, discuss business opportunities, and partner for growth. Our community is key to Acrisure’s success – we’ve experienced 58% more organic growth than our industry average.

3 co-workers smiling for the camera at a social event

“What we do over time may change. . .How we do what we do should never change.”

– Gregory L. Williams, President & CEO

The Acrisure Advantage

Interested in partnering with the fastest growing insurance broker globally? Looking to banish limitations and unlock growth? As we say, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing big.

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