Statement from Acrisure Co-Founder, CEO and President Greg Williams on recent events:

“We are at the intersection of significant forces . . . a global health pandemic with the resultant economic impact and tensions regarding race, diversity & inclusion in this country. Given the convergence of these two issues it’s not surprising we are seeing the pressure take hold in protests and some unrest.

As a collection of geographically dispersed Partners, we are focused on supporting our communities and building the finest company possible . . . where diverse talents have a place to succeed as we provide an essential service to our clients. This is the very core of our “partnership” culture . . . where trust and goodwill prosper because of our tolerance and understanding. As a company, this is our expectation and practice . . . by staying committed to these principles, “together” we’ll conquer all challenges!

Here’s to staying supportive and united in our quest to be better people, while also being the best company for our employees and clients.”

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